From Soil to Oil, A Look at the Process Behind Pure Hemp Supply.

As a company in the large pool known as the CBD industry, we understand how much is out there in terms of CBD. With that, we are driven to provide the most Grade- A products  on the market. This all starts at the source, our Colorado Farms. At the start, we experimented with 11 different strains of genetics for our hemp plants, but now (with 4 years and many hours of hard work and chemistry) we have found the 5 strains of genetics that breed the purest strain of hemp that is well below the legal limit for THC, and abundant in CBD and CBG. 

We call our perfect genetic strain 'Hail Mary' in acknowledgement to the Colorado Hail Storm in July 2017, which destroyed approximately 75% of our plants. Those that survived, flourished, and became better and stronger. 


Hail Mary started as an idea, "What can we do to get the purest strain of hemp for our CBD?" So began our journey. We experimented over the span of 4 years, cross-breeding between 11 different strains to find the perfect one. The cross between T1 and Cherry Wine was born.