Hemp Oil Tinctures

This tincture is produced

using a "whole plant"

A "whole plant" full spectrum hemp tincture, which contains all 60+ Cannabinoids and 400+ Phytonutrients to come together and administer maximum healing impact on your body. We use a process that preserves the “full spectrum” of important properties while still eliminating all of the THC. That means you when using this product you will not come up positive for marijuana on a drug screen or experience any psycho-active effects. 

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All Natural
Hemp Oil



Pick your hemp oil flavor.

Incline Hemp Tincture comes in a variety of flavors.


This Mint Hemp Tincture is a slightly less intense than mint but has a stronger profile than peppermint. It creates that palette-clearing that cools the mouth and mind. Making it a perfect companion during hectic days.


Strawberries have a complexity of flavor and meaning. In jam form they accompany your morning toast with a simple sweet perfection. Off the vine they have the juicy and intense meaty profile that will perk your ears up. Incline Hemp Strawberry Tincture flavor is all that—and more—in tincture form.


Infused with the taste of the tropics and bright sunshine this orange flavored hemp tincture is the perfect counterpart to every part of your day. It can bring that perfect citrus pop alongside breakfast blend in warmly alongside your evening tea. 

Pick your hemp tincture size.

Each Incline Hemp Tincture flavor

Comes in either a 15ml or 30ml option.

30 ml

The 30ml Hemp Tincture is a great option of you’re familiar and are looking for the best value.

15 ml

If you’re new to hemp tincture and are looking to try a few flavors this 15ml size is best for you.