About Us

Green Mart Hemp (in partnership with Pure Hemp Supply) is a Colorado Springs-based company specializing in the cultivation of industrial hemp, the extraction of hemp oil and the production of cannabidiol (CBD) products — committed to quality and excellence in all we do.

The company was registered as an LLC with the Colorado Secretary of State's office in November 2015 and obtained its Industrial Hemp Certification the following March. Green Mart then began to grow its operations and, in the Summer of 2016, began cultivating nine unique hemp strains.

The first crops were grown in three locations: a large industrial facility in Colorado Springs and two farms in southern Colorado. The 2016 growing season was a success and the company began perfecting its strains and increasing its crop yields.

A severe hail storm in 2017 proved to be both a test and a learning lesson for Green Mart, but the quality and yields of the crop continued to increase. By this time, the company had narrowed its strains to the six of superior quality. In 2018, the “Hail Mary” strain was developed by crossbreeding all six of the remaining high-quality strains. The resulting strain — which is both potent and resilient — yielded significant amounts of seed for planting in 2019.

Green Mart now utilizes 410 acres to grow its hemp, along with the 41,000-square-foot indoor facility where it also does its processing. While Green Mart initially outsourced the extraction of its hemp oil to a third party, the company purchased its own equipment in 2017 and partnered with Pure Hemp Supply LLC to carry out the process in a lab at its Colorado Springs facility — enabling more effective quality control of the finished product.

Green Mart and Pure Hemp Supply now partner to produce several types of CBD oil, CBD capsules and a variety of other products. This partnership is truly unique in the Pikes Peak region for its commitment to quality and consistency in all it processes and products. Green Mart and Pure Hemp Supply handle every step of the process — "from soil to oil" — using company owned equipment and all-natural ingredients in order to serve clients with the premium products they deserve.