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Full Spectrum Tincture 2400mg

2400mg Full Spectrum Tincture

Full Spectrum Tincture 2400mg

Full Spectrum Hemp Hydrating & Moisturizing Day Cream

Full Spectrum Tincture 1000mg Lavender Lemonade

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture – 1000mg – Lavender Lemonade

Hail Mary Hemp Strain

We worked with 11 strains over 4 years before finding Hail Mary — a strain that provides us the highest-quality hemp oil.

Our Process

From Soil to Oil, look at the process behind Pure Hemp Supply’s high-quality products.

Cure and harvest buds icon

Cure and Harvest Buds

Once the hemp plants mature, we harvest their buds and let the plants regenerate.

Remove seeds icon

Remove Seeds

In order to ensure consistency and quality, we remove the seeds from the buds.

Distillate oil process icon

Distillate Oil Process

This purification process uses heat, steam, and vacuum pressure to separate the chemical compounds.

Remove THC icon

Remove THC

In order to ensure consistency and quality, we remove the seeds from the buds. Removal process: chromatography.

Rotovap icon

Rotovap Final Product

We use a rotary evaporator to remove solvents and leave us with a great final product.

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